Supporting Hydration Care

Simple Measures has developed a simple
e-Training package and associated paper based tool applying  our proprietary Reliance On a Carer 'ROC'™ approach.

The 'ROC' Hydration Care Support System starts with the Assessment Tool which is available now when you signup as a Member.  The monitoring, review, communication and action parts of the system will be made available soon.

The Simple Measures drinking mug and coaster can be used as part of the 'ROC'™ Reliance On a Carer hydration system.

The focus is - the Simple Measures ROC Assessment tool - which allows the carer to simply assess a person’s reliance on others to help them eat and drink.


To ensure everyone has the correct level of support to drink and eat according to their individual needs, with dignity and compassion; to prevent human suffering and escalating financial costs caused by avoidable dehydration

Naomi Campbell, Founder, Innovations Director

For a Summary of the ROC Hydration Assessment system please download this file Click Here

Preventing avoidable dehydration and malnutrition caused by inadequate basic care is a global challenge. Simple Measures social enterprise company offers a much needed, fresh and simple approach to this age-old problem.

We know millions of elderly and younger people across our globe are at risk of dehydration and malnutrition, simply because they need some level of support from a carer to help them to drink or eat. Thankfully for many it’s as simple as ensuring their drink or food is left within ‘arms’ reach, or a carer spending just a few moments giving some assistance or kind words of encouragement, but for the most vulnerable it needs nothing short of compassionate and dedicated 1:1 time from a carer.

Simple Measures highlights the simplicity, complexities and challenges of providing such fundamental care and is dedicated to helping ‘all concerned’ adopt ‘simple measures’ to prevent the unacceptable human suffering and escalating costs caused by lack of care.