Our Vision and aims

Simple Measures vision is to solve the global problem of avoidable dehydration and malnutrition caused by a person simply not having enough support to drink and eat. To do this we will provide simple and cost effective education, training and products to individual carers and health and care services across the world.

Our Hydration Care Support System will ensure that as a global society we will all understand what is meant by ‘reliance on a carer’ (ROC) to drink and eat, by providing a standardised and simple holistic assessment; helping all concerned recognise their personal contribution or direct responsibilities to ensure a person always receives optimum hydration support according to individual needs and best interest throughout all stages of life.

Our system will prompt the need for constant monitoring and implementation and will highlight the simplicity, complexities and challenges of providing such fundamental daily care.

Commissioners of health and care services will be able to easily identify who needs support to drink and eat, and direct essential resources to prevent or reduce the risk of avoidable harm and escalating costs caused by dehydration and malnutrition.

Dame Sally Greengross (previously Chair of the Parliamentary Hydration Forum) continues to support and endorse the mission of Simple Measures CIC.

We are delighted that Think Kidneys endorses the Simple Measures mission