Timeline of Hydration initiatives

The timeline shows hydration initiatives
over the past two decades



Patients Association – Patients First – Improving food and drink experience


Simple Measures – social enterprise company founded

Founded in Cornwall by frontline nurse - Naomi Campbell New Simple Measures™ social enterprise launched to support carers with optimum hydration care    

Developed through collaboration between Kent Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network, Wessex Academic Health Science Network and NE Hants and Farnham CCG

NICE – Care of Dying Adult in last days of life (NG31)

1.4 Maintaining hydration - Support the dying person to drink if they wish to and are able to. 1.4.2 Offer frequent care of the mouth and lips..Read More

NHS England- Guidance – Commissioning Excellent Nutrition and Hydration 2015 -2018

NHS England states that the scale of dehydration is 'unknown' . This guidance is to support commissioners for acute services and the community.

Simple Measures mugs and cups available on NHS Supply Chain

Designed by Naomi Campbell, Founder and innovator of Simple Measures - a teacup to help see 'at a glance' how much has been drunk. New Simple..Read More

NHS England – 10 Key Characteristics of good nutrition and hydration care

In 2015 NHS England was asked by Department of Health to review the Council of Europe ’10 key characteristics of good nutrition and hydration care’. These..Read More

NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council)

Added to their Code in March 2015: Nurses must make sure that they provide help to those who are not able to feed themselves or drink fluid..Read More

Parliamentary Hydration Forum –

Hydration and Older People in the UK: Addressing the Problem, Understanding the Solutions    

Dept Health – The Hospital Food Standards for food and drink in NHS hospitals

An independent group chaired by Age UK. This now forms part of the NHS Standard Contract

Scotland – The NHS Scotland Hydration Policy Framework

Hydration status of the patient is as important as ensuring adequate food intake.  Adequate intake of water is often overlooked and has been described as the..Read More

Care Quality Commission: Regulation 14: Meeting nutritional & hydration needs

CQC can now prosecute for a breach of this regulation or a breach of part of the regulation if a failure to meet the regulation results..Read More

NICE (CG 169) – Acute Kidney Injury: prevention, detection and management

Highlights increased risk if a person is 'reliant on a carer' to access fluids due to physical, neurological or cognitive disabilities

Cavendish Review – Independent Review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in NHS & social care

Highlights that majority of frontline basic care is done by carers across all health and care settings

Malnutrition Task Force – Malnutrition in Later Life: Prevention and Early Intervention

Best Practice Principles & Implementation Guide. Organisations are still repeatedly failing to provide older people with the basic right to food, drink and support when they..Read More

Dept of Health – Response to Francis Report – ‘Patients First and Foremost’

In parts the NHS is failing, sometimes atrociously, in the very basics of care: failing to ensure patients have food they can eat and water to drink..Read More

Francis Report – Recommendation 241: Provision of Food and Drink

Recommendation 241: Provision of food and drink -The arrangements and best practice for providing food and drink to elderly patients require constant review, monitoring and implementation.

Dept Health – Chief Nursing Officer launched 6 C’s

Care - Compassion - Competence - Communication - Courage - Commitment

NHS Kidney Care – Hydration Matters Campaign

Campaign launched to improve inpatient hydration and reduce the incidence of Acute Kidney Injury

BCUHB Nutrition and Hydration Human Rights Project Group A Toolkit for Ward Sisters and Charge Nurses

People’s nutritional needs and physical ability to eat and drink are assessed, recorded and addressed. They are reviewed at appropriate intervals and are referred to dietetic..Read More

British Dietetic Association

'The Nutrition and Hydration Digest: Improving Outcomes through Food and Beverage Services  underpins the importance of ensuring adequate nutrition and hydration through providing pleasurable and appropriate assistance..Read More

Nutrition & Hydration Week – first launched (now an annual global event)

Brings together catering and care teams who deliver food and drink across all care settings

Patients Association – ‘We’ve been listening, have you been learning?

vulnerable elderly patients left without a drink, no one to assist them with their food, call bells put out of reach

NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement: High Impact Actions for Nursing

Essential collection:  Well-hydrated and nourished patients get better more quickly and have a shorter length of stay.

Age UK – ‘Still Hungry to be Heard’

An earlier report 2006 'Hungry to be Heard' flagged up concerns, but four years later Age UK published this second report due to ongoing concerns

Dept Health Essence of Care – Benchmarks for food and drink

People are enabled to consume food and drink (orally) which meets their needs and preferences. People’s food and drink intake is monitored and recorded. People are..Read More

Care Quality Commission – Regulation 14 Meeting nutrititional needs

Reduce the risk of poor nutrition and dehydration by encouraging and supporting people to receive adequate nutrition and hydration. Staff identify where the person who uses..Read More

Social Care Institute of Excellence – Guide 15 Dignity in Care Nutrition & Hydration

Encourage people to drink regularly throughout the day. The Food Standards Agency recommends a daily intake of six to eight glasses of water or other fluids. 

East Anglia Water – Health on Tap

A campaign to promote good hydration in older people in residential care  

RCN – Nutrition Now Campaign

To help raise standards of nutrition and hydration in hospitals and the community

RCN & National Patient Safety Agency – Hydration Best Practice Toolkit for Hospitals and Healthcare

We are working with healthcare staff to continue to raise awareness of the importance of water and hydration to patient health, and ensure that the provision..Read More

Age UK – Hungry to be Heard

One of the most frequent issues raised with Age Concern by the relatives of older people who have been in hospital is the lack of appropriate..Read More

NICE – Nutrition support for adults: oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding and parenteral nutrition

Dependency on others for assistance to eat. Dysphagia - perceived palatability and appearance of food or drink    

Dept Health – Standards for Better Health

Where food is provided, health care organisations have systems in place to ensure that a) patients are provided with a choice and that it is prepared..Read More

BAPEN Malnutriton Universal Screeningn Tool – (MUST)

The ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’) was developed by the Malnutrition Advisory Group, a standing committee of BAPEN and it has been reviewed regularly since its..Read More

Dept Health – Essence of Care

Essence of Care is about benchmarking aspects of care in a structured approach to improve the quality of basic  nursing care. It arose because of unacceptable..Read More

1999 – Dept Health – Making a Difference

Strengthening the nursing, midwifery and health visiting contribution to health and healthcare