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What is ROC?

ROC is a simple new hydration assessment tool that identifies a person's 'reliance on a carer' (ROC)  to drink and eat, and highlights their potential risk of poor food intake and dehydration, based simply on the amount of support needed to eat and drink.

The ROC tool is quick and easy to use and adopts a holistic approach to basic hydration care. It assesses a person's reliance on a carer for communication, manual handling, mouth care, continence, eating and drinking.  ROC to drink and ROC to eat focus specifically on level of support needed for: Swallow - Assistance - Encouragement

ROC helps care providers meet Care Quality Commission Regulation 14: Meeting nutritional and hydration needs. ROC can help to reduce unplanned acute admissions from the community related to avoidable dehydration in the elderly and frail population.

How do I access ROC?

To access ROC you will need to become a member of Simple Measures. This will give you access to:

  • Free ROC online training  - with certificates provided to each Carer who successfully completes the training
  • ROC guidelines and individual recording charts for residents/patients  (approx. 2p a week per resident/patient)

Coming soon...

  • Free access to all new training modules as they are released
  • Discounted access to Simple Measures Events
  • Newsletters
  • Resource and Information Area
  • Moderated Members Forum

How to become a member?

Please use the simple form below to register. Annual membership costs £5.00 per bed or service user capacity, enabling free access to training and use of the ROC charts for an unlimited number of Carers providing care to that number of beds or service users.

If you require Organisation level membership or want 50 or more individual memberships please visit Multiple Users or submit an enquiry to

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